Rules and Regulations

No Lead Ammunition is Permitted.

It is the hunter’s responsibility to know and comply with all local, state and federal laws and hunting regulations. Regulations can be found at


  • Ranch located in Zone D13
  • Everyone Entering the ranch will need a valid permit.
  • No alcohol consumption is permitted.
  • No Machine guns are permitted.





See the California Department of Fish & Wildlife for prices on resident and nonresident hunting licenses. Prices change and vary between areas, hunt types for both resident and non-resident deer tag costs. Note that nonresidents should plan ahead abd must purchase licenses at CADFG offices. For the most accurate information on mammal hunting licenses and regulations, go to California’s .gov website for more on big game regulations home page.


Visitors Information For Double D Ranch

Our hunters stay in hotels in Lebec, California and are responsible for their own breakfasts and dinners. There are local stores where one can pick up fuel, lunches, snacks and drinks to bring on the hunts.

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6510 Digier Rd, Lebec, California 93243

6510 Digier Rd, Lebec, California 93243